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    Friday 27th October 2000


  • Rosemary Perry
  • Pontus Lurcock
  • Kathereine Everard
  • Lucy Smith
  • Wai yi Feng
  • Chester Pea
  • Charles Sutters
  • Sohail Alibhai
  • Emily Leaper
  • Andrew Lobb
  • Herbert Pang
  • Jenny Weaver
  • Brebda Cundy
  • Emma Poots (secretary)
  • Jason Lotay(Chairman).
  • Apologies

  • The St Hugh's Rep sends his apologies but has sent along a replacement.
  • Minutes from the last meeting held on Monday 12th June.

  • The Minutes from the last meeting were approved.
  • Matters arising.

  • Jason mentioned that although JCCU had planned to stay the same after the split into the three departments it had accidentally been destroyed in the split. This would however be sorted out as soon as possible.
  • He also mentioned that there would be no need to provide as Stats rep yet as there was no Maths and Stats degree yet.
  • Course overhauls

  • These were discussed at some length and people had varying views on second year exams coming in. The proposals are to have exams at the end of the first year, which would test your grasp of basic concepts and ideas and then have MODS at the end of the second year ,which are more challenging. People thought second year exams which count towards finals may be a good idea as there is a tremendous amount of pressure placed on the final term but is was suggested that 50%was to large a percentage to be placed on them.
  • Compulsory projects were also discussed and the idea of extended essays give during vacations was suggested to help people decide if they wanted to take up research. And the idea of more project generally work in the course was supported by some of the Reps.
  • The applied Mathematicians obviously liked the idea of less compulsory pure maths but the pure mathematicians thought that the balance was about correct.
  • New MURC Reps.

  • Existing MURC Reps will now begin there search for new reps to replace them at the end of this term and they agreed to bring them along to the meeting in 7th week.
  • MURC Questionnaire

  • Charles reported that this would be discussed at JCCU in forth week and would be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Bookstall

  • Emily thanked those who helped in the freshers induction day and said she would need helpers for 8th week.
  • AOB

  • It was highlighted that the a2 lecture course was rapidly falling behind. Jason took note of this. Also the a1 Algebra course was reported as being very 'bitty'.