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    Friday 5th May 2000.


  • Robert Maddison
  • Bojana Pejic
  • Robert Oakes
  • Jenny Weaver
  • Sohail Alibhai
  • Stephen Black
  • Herbert Pang
  • Emily Leeper
  • Pont Lurcock
  • Charlie Sutters
  • Lucy Smith
  • Alexander Leicester
  • Peirs Horne
  • Jason Lotay(Chairman)
  • Emma Poots.
  • Apologies

  • none
  • Minutes from the last meeting

  • The minutes from the last meeting were approved .
  • Matters arising.

  • Questionnaires - This is dealt with under minute 3.
  • Questionnaires

  • The Questionnaire rep Charles Sutters provided a draft copy of an alternative questionnaire which is included in the minutes. He also provided a list justifying the changes and contrasting with the old questionnaire. It was decided submit the Questionnaire to JCCU before the meeting on Monday of 4th week .It was also decided to distribute the Questionnaires around the colleges.
  • Open Day

  • The open day rep Piers Horne reported that he had no real concerns regarding open day on 13th May. Most colleges will have a rep there, this was arranged by email prior to the meeting. At least one rep from each college should be in the Maths Institute by 11.30am on 13th May. Due to MURC's contribution to changes in the Open Day format Piers felt that good support from reps would be favourable.
  • Any other business

    • JCCU meeting
      • Jason announced that the JCCU meeting would take place on Monday 4th week 2.15pm in the Higman room in the Maths Institute.
    • Website update
      • Appreciation was shown for Pontus Lurcock's recent updating of the MURC website.
    • Bookstall
      • It was decided that the Bookstall should be given more Publicity and in order that the finalists may sell their books there will be a bookstall on Friday of 8th week as well as next Wednesday and Wednesday of 7th week.