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    Monday 12th June 2000


  • Alex Leicester
  • Lucy Smith
  • Chris Potten
  • Robert Mad ison
  • RebeccaLodwick
  • Stephen B1ack
  • Herberl Pang
  • Sohail Alibliai
  • Emily Leeper
  • Andrew Mullins
  • Jason Lotay(chairman)
  • Emma Poots.
  • Apologies

  • none.
  • Minutes from the last meeting

  • The minutes from the last meeting were approved.
  • Matters arising.

  • There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere on the agenda.
  • JCCU Meeting

  • The chairman give a quick report on JCCU meeting held in the 4th week.
    • The new questionnaire was submitted and JCCU liked most of it. The only thing they didn't like was our proposed new method of distribution. The sub-faculty would refer to keep handling the distribution and processing results apparently MURC has tried to distribute the questionnaires before but the response rate decreased instead of fulfilling our aim of boosting the response rate. Someone asked when the new questionnaire was likely to be in use and Jason suggested that by September it would be in use.
    • Jason also mentioned the split of the mathematics sub-faculty into Mathematics Statistics Computer science He said that MURC could stay the same the only way we are affected is that we have to provide a statistics rep.

    Sub-faculty Meeting.

  • Jason had nothing really to report - Questionnaire submitted.
  • Questionnaire.

  • The questionnaire rep Charles Sutters was absent so unfortunately we had no questionnaire report.
  • Bookstall.

  • Emily Leeper asked for volunteers on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th, Sohail Alibhail, Emma Poots and Jason Lotay all kindly volunteered to help out. Emily urged MURC reps to publicise the bookstall to the finalists in their college especially for Friday of the 8th week.
  • 1st Year Courses

  • Jason said there would be a new MODS applied syllabus and also outlined some of the proposed charges discussed at the sub-faculty meeting. Most of proposals had however been rejected.
  • Any Other Business.

    • Open Day
      • It was reported that feedback was good. There were a few complaints about maths lectures being too short and also there were overlaps in Maths and Philosophy also after the open day we discussed if it was a good idea to take people around the college - maybe a good idea to compile some ideas about what to talk about in the hour.