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    2 February 2001


  • Rachel Malpass, Rachel Zammett, Rhys Davies, Nick Clark, Rebecca Wadcock, Maria Shaw, James Levett, Herbert Pang, Stephen Black, Alan Smith, John Bourke, Jason Lotay, Rebecca Lodwick
  • Apologies for absence

  • Apologies for absence were received from Debra Smith, Yi Wai Feng and Adrian Turner
  • Minutes of the last MURC meeting

  • The Minutes of the meeting held on the 24th November were approved
  • Matters arising

  • There were no matters arising
  • Questionnaires

  • The questionnaire rep, James Levett, reported back on his meeting earlier this term with Dr Neumann. In general, those lecturers who received the worst feedback are either retiring or leaving Oxford, and so nothing will be gained by giving them any further training etc.
  • The idea of sending a letter of commendation to those lecturers who received very good reports was generally approved, with the Chair agreeing to take responsibility for this.
  • Further issues that arose were poor audibility of some lecturers, which Dr Neumann proposes to rectify by giving lecturers lessons on using the microphone in the lecture theatres. Generally, there was not thought to be enough worked examples in the courses, and it was decided to raise this point at the next JCCU meeting.
  • Dr Neumann was slightly disappointed with the number of completed questionnaires that were actually returned, and ways in which to improve the response rate were discussed. One of the problems was thought to be that many completed questionnaires were not collected from the lecture theatres, and so the possibility of having someone specifically to collect questionnaires from the lecture theatres was discussed. It was suggested that having the questionnaires distributed and collected by tutors (i.e. college based distribution) might improve response rates, but this system has been used previously and was not particularly successful.
  • Bookstall

  • Rebecca Wadcock asked for help between 11 and 12.30 at the next bookstall, which will be on the Friday morning of Week 7 or Week 8. It was agreed that she should become a signatory to the bank account in place of the old Bookstall Rep, Emily Leeper.
  • Any other business

  • Jason Lotay made the point that not all of the MURC standing orders were agreed at the last meeting, and it was agreed to discuss these further at the next JCCU meeting. The question of finding a new Maths and Philosophy rep was also raised.
  • Jason also raised the issue of the External Advisory Panel meeting held the previous week, which involves external advisors reviewing course changes, departmental strategy and the general running of the department, as certain MURC members had attended part of the afternoon session. It was generally agreed that the role the MURC reps had played was unclear.