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    8 March 2001


  • Rachel Malpass (chair), Gemma Lowndes, Herbert Pang, Stephen Black, Adrian Turner, Gareth Marsh (for James Levett), Rachel Zammett, Rebecca Wadcock, John Bourke, Debra Smith, Rhys Davies
  • Apologies for absence

  • Apologies for absence were received from Yi Wai Feng, James Levett and Maria Shaw.
  • Minutes of the last meeting

  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
  • Matters arising

  • It was noted that the positions of Maths and Philosophy rep and 4th year rep were still vacant.
  • JCCU meeting

  • Rachel Malpass reported on this term's JCCU meeting. The main topics under discussion were the forthcoming Open Day, the questionnaire summaries from last term and the senior representatives required to be present at JCCU meetings. JCCU standing orders have been changed, as now the senior representatives required to be present are the Sub-faculty teaching rep and a Statistics rep.
  • MURC was also asked to provide a sentence describing the role of JCCU for insertion into the JCCU standing orders. The sentence proposed by Rachel Malpass was:
  • JCCU is the official channel for the exchange of opinions and information between mathematics undergraduates and the Mathematics subfaculty, concerning both present and future aspects of undergraduate teaching and learning.
  • This sentence was approved.
  • Maths Sub-faculty

  • Rachel Malpass reported on this term's Maths Sub-faculty meeting. Much of this was concerned with the recent QAA report and the response of the department to this. Amendments to the standing orders were also discussed, but none of this is directly relevant to MURC. The amendments to JCCU and MURC standing orders agreed at the last meeting were also agreed by the Sub-faculty.
  • Statistics Sub-faculty

  • There was nothing to report from this meeting, which was chaired by Dr Laws.
  • Open Day

  • Stephen Black gave the proposed agenda for this year's Open Day, which is for sixth form students and will be held on the 5th May. Sixth formers will arrive between nine and ten o'clock, and will then have three thirty minute talks - an overview of maths at Oxford by Professor Maini, a talk on Pure Mathematics by Dr Neumann and one on Applied Mathematics by Dr Acheson. After the talks, a buffet lunch will be provided until two. This is free for all MURC reps. Tours of colleges will then take place, with MURC reps taking a group of students to 3 or 4 different colleges. Between three and four, the sixth formers will have tea and watch a video, before leaving at four o'clock.
  • This agenda takes account of feedback from sixth formers over the past few years.
  • MURC bookstall

  • The bookstall was held on Friday of Weeks 7 and 8 and the proposed dates for next term's bookstall are Friday of Weeks 1, 2, 7, 8. Any MURC reps who would be able to help at these times should contact Rebecca Wadcock.
  • Any other business

  • It was remarked that the MURC website needed updating. Herbert Pang said that he would ensure it was kept up to date. The Invariant Society was also mentioned, as it does not have enough members to cover its costs. It would be a shame if the society had to close down, as it was founded over 80 years ago.