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    MURC meeting - 19 October 2001


  • Rachel Malpass (Chair), Adrian Turner, James Levett, Gareth Marsh, Rhys Davies, Wai Yi Feng, Herbert Pang, Rachel Zammett, Rebecca Wadcock, Adam Maddox, Debra Smith, Maria Shaw, Christian Langkamp, Matthew Somerville, Rob Hyde, Daniel McGouran, Stephen Black, Alan Smith, Paul Jenkins
  • Apologies for absence

  • Apologies for absence were received from Gemma Lowndes.
  • Minutes of the last meeting

  • The minutes were approved.
  • Matters arising

  • Rachel reminded all the MURC reps that if they want to be replaced for the next year, they should bring along a new rep to the next meeting. She also raised the point that many of the last year's finalists found their finals papers especially hard, particularly a6. Wai Yi Feng also mentioned that the a5 paper had contained a significant number of errors. The meeting between James and Dr Neumann, referred to in the minutes of the last meeting, is to take place next week.
  • MURC bookstall

  • Rebecca reported that the bookstall yesterday and that held in Fresher's Week had been very successful and as a results MURC does not have very many books left to sell. She therefore requested that reps remind people in their college that MURC will be willing to buy their old books.
  • Proctor's form

  • Herbert Pang and Rachel Zammett reported that OUCS will not renew the MURC email address because we are not registered as a university club/society. However, it was felt that there was no need to register as we do not fulfil all the necessary criteria eg we are not open to all university members. Rachel Malpass said that she should go to OUCS early next week to try and rectify the situation.
  • Any other business

  • Wai Yi Feng raised the issue of Mathematical Institute lecture notes being on the reading list for a course when they were no longer available, specifically Davison's notes for the a5 course. As Davison has left Oxford and there are two sets of relevant notes on the web (Clifford and Lunn), they have been deleted from the website. Similarly, Dr Salamon's lecture notes for the Linear Algebra II course in Mods have been deleted from the website and not replaced. It was agreed to raise these issues in the next JCCU meeting. In the meantime, various solutions were discussed, including scanning hard copy notes on to the web.