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    4 May 2001


  • Rachel Malpass (Chair), Adrian Turner, Alan Smith, James Levett, Gareth Marsh, Rhys Davies, John Bourke, Rebecca Lodwick, Gemma Lowndes, Wai Yi Feng, Maria Shaw, Herbert Pang, Stephen Black, Alex Coward, Rachel Zammett
  • Apologies for absence

  • None
  • Minutes of the last meeting

  • Under 1. Apologies for absence' it was agreed that 'Yi Wai' should be changed to 'Wai Yi'. Apart from this, the minutes were approved.
  • Matters arising

  • None
  • Open Day

  • Stephen gave us the timetable for this year's Open Day (Saturday 5`h May). Sixth formers will arrive in the morning and be given talks on Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and an overview of Mathematics at Oxford. This will be followed by lunch, after which there will be guided tours of colleges. Tea will then be served in the Mathematical Institute with the possibility of students visiting the Department of Statistics at this point. The day should finish at about 4pm, and all participants will be asked to fill out questionnaires to help with the planning of next year's Open Day. Stephen reiterated that it would be nice for there to be as many undergraduates i.e. MURC reps as possible present at the lunch (free for MURC reps, 12.30 - 2) and to take the tours of colleges from 2 to 3.
  • MURC bookstall

  • Rebecca was not present to give details of the bookstalls held so far this term, but it was noted that they would no longer be held on the Friday morning as there were no lectures at that time in the Mathematical Institute. It was therefore thought that the bookstall should take place on the Thursday morning of Weeks 7 and 8.
  • Questionnaire results

  • James Levett reported on his meeting with Dr Neumann to discuss last term's questionnaire results. Generally these were good, with some more letters of commendation needed. Rachel Malpass agreed to do this. However, several MURC reps raised the issue of last term's b5 lectures, as it was generally felt that these lectures had been unsatisfactory. However, this had not been reflected in the questionnaire summary, possibly because so few questionnaires were actually returned. It was therefore agreed to raise this point at the forthcoming JCCU meeting. Last term's a3 lecturer was also mentioned, but James reported that will not be lecturing this course next year.
  • Any other business

  • None.