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    MURC meeting - 6 June 2001


  • Rachel Malpass (Chair), Adrian Turner, James Levett, Gareth Marsh, Rhys Davies, Wai Yi Feng, Herbert Pang, Rachel Zammett, Rebecca Wadcock, Adam Maddox, Debra Smith, Maria Shaw, Christian Langkamp, Matthew Somerville, Rob Hyde, Daniel McGouran
  • Apologies for absence

  • Apologies for absence were received from Stephen Black
  • Minutes of the last meeting

  • Under Section 6, it was agreed that `that will' be changed to `that he will' and that an extra sentence should be added reading `James agreed to another meeting with Dr Neumann'. Apart from this, the minutes were approved.
  • Matters arising

  • None
  • MURC bookstall

  • There will be a bookstall held on Thursday of Week 8, although there one was not held yesterday (Thursday Week 7). Rachel Malpass offered to help at next week's bookstall 12 - 1; Herbert Pang 11 - 12.
  • Reports from Sub-faculty meetings

  • Rachel Malpass reported on the Mathematics Sub-faculty meeting which had been held on 21st May. The main topic of discussion had been the introduction of second year examinations. While the Sub-faculty agreed by a vote of 10-8 on the introduction of some form of examination, which would be 4 papers (as opposed to 2, which was a suggestion from some sub-faculty members), their exact format was not agreed upon. Many tutors felt the need to see a more detailed proposal, concerning the material to be examined and the type of examination, before they agreed.
  • The Computation Sub-faculty is waiting for the course changes by the Mathematics department to be finalised before revising the Mathematics and Computation degree course. They would welcome any undergraduate feedback, and there is a proposal online.
  • Any other business

  • The issue of when the new MURC reps should be brought along was raised. Rachel Malpass said that they should be brought to the meeting held in Michaelmas term, week 7.