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    Thursday 30th October 2003


  • Emily Dixon, Thomas Lloyd-Evans, Stephen Burgus, Matthew Pinkney, Edmund Heyes, Kelly Morley, Sarah Child, Patricia Farnem, Kalbir Sohi, Tendayi Bloom, Angus Foulis, Christian Luebbe, Gemma Evans.
  • Apologies

  • Shelly Beard, Yael Ukmar, Tyrone Rees, Laura Richards (on behalf of all the second years), David Ainsworth.
  • Teaching Stint Reforms:

  • It was generally agreed that classes are a good way of discussing third- and fourth-year work as the staff that take the classes generally specialize in the relevant field; this is not always the case in the college tutorial system. Concern was voiced about the lack of tutorials for some of the most difficult courses, but as the "surgeries" will continue under the stint reforms it will still be possible to discuss problems in depth with tutors near exam times. As such, with the loss of tutorials being the only major concern with the stint reforms, it was agreed that we have no objections to them.
  • The State of the b2 Course:

  • MURC has received several emails on the subject of Professor Quillen's Algebraic Structures course, and it was decided that we shall voice our discontent at the JCCU meeting to be held on the 31st October. The points raised were:
    • Professor Quillen appears unprepared, as if he has not read through his notes before the lecture.
    • He has so far only covered material from last year's algebra; for example he has not yet defined a module and yet these appear on the problem sheets.
    • His proofs are rarely complete and often repeated in subsequent lectures.

    Other Business:

  • Concern was voiced over the state of the Quantum Theory c-course, as Professor Candelas' lecturing style last year was difficult to follow. No complaints have been received yet, and it was decided that unless people do start to contact us we will leave this issue until the questionnaires at the end of the course come back.
  • Again the subject of what to do with our money came up, with Tendayi Bloom reiterating her desire for a bike rack and objecting to being openly ridiculed last time she asked about getting one. Open ridicule failed to get going this time, and it was agreed that we will ask about the possibility of another bike rack, MURC or institute funded, at the JCCU meeting. The possibility of organizing some sort of subsidized formal hall was mentioned, and MURC members were encouraged to go and banter their hall managers to see if such an arrangement could be made.
  • There will be a meeting at the end of this term where MURC representatives will pass on their duties. It'll be in either 7th or 8th week, and it was recommended that we be on the lookout for possible successors in the meantime.
  • On a final point, the Secretary was made aware of a library that exists somewhere in the institute and that perhaps it should be the right of undergraduates to be able to use said library without having to sweet-talk the librarian. This point will be raised at the JCCU meeting.