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    Friday 20th February 2004


  • Yael Ukmar, John Weir, Rajiv Tanna, Tyrone Rees, Harry Mattin, Alexander Strawbridge, Jahan Zahid, Sarah Dixon, Linda Harrison, Tom Foster, Carlos Lastra-Anadoin, Emma Allum.
  • Apologies for absence

  • Sarah Child, Shelly Beard, Aman Singh.
  • Meeting held on 30th October 2003

  • The minutes were agreed to be a true record of the meeting.
  • There were no matters arising from the minutes.
  • Appointment of Representatives

  • It was suggested that all MURC reps send e-mails to 3rd/4th years in their respective colleges, asking whether they were interested in becoming the 4th year rep. It was then suggested that the President should ask Catherine Keen to send an e-mail to all 3rd/4th years. It was decided that the latter course of action should be taken, and if this fails then individual college reps should send e-mails.
  • It was decided to take a similar course of action regarding the position of Computer Science Representative.
  • It was noted that the 1st open day is in May, and to the best of the knowledge of those present, the main responsibilities of the Open Day Co-ordinator are talking to prospective applicants and organising the provision of sandwiches. Rajiv Tanna showed some interest in the position. He will e-mail the previous Open Day Co-ordinator to find out more about the position and has agreed to make a decision next week. Tyrone Rees said that he knows someone at his college who has an interest in Admissions, and might be willing to fill the position.
  • He will ask him, and let us know if he is interested. Carlos Lastra-Anadoin said that he might be willing to fill the position if no-one else is. Someone asked whether this would be against the constitution, since he is already on the committee. It was noted that we currently do not have a constitution, so it cannot be unconstitutional.
  • MURC constitution

  • Apparently the MURC constitution was lost several years ago. This causes problems as MURC cannot spend its money without a constitution. The balance of the account is approximately £1500. It was suggested that the constitution could be modelled on an existing constitution of a similar organisation. The President will look at the constitutions of other subjects' representative committees and send a draft constitution to all MURC reps to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • AOB

  • [This item has not been included for security reasons. An e-mail has been sent containing this information.]
  • It was noted that some undergraduates are unaware of the existence of the MURC bookstall in particular, and MURC in general. It was decided that all reps should send e-mails to undergraduates at their colleges, directing them to the MURC web-site.
  • It was noted that some undergraduates may feel uncomfortable talking to their college rep about any problems they have. The web-site currently states that undergraduates should contact their college rep in the first instance, and only contact MURC directly if this does not help. It was decided that the web-site should be changed so that it suggests that they contact MURC directly if they do not wish to talk to their college rep.
  • It was noted that some colleges do not have a MURC rep. It was suggested that we could e-mail tutors of colleges who do not have a MURC rep. It was also suggested that MURC holds a social event to attract more MURC reps. A room would be booked in a college instead of the Mathematical Institute, to make it less formal. It was decided to e-mail tutors first, and organise a social event if this approach does not work.
  • It was noted that some board pens are hard to read. This matter will be raised at the next JCCU meeting.
  • Report from JCCU meeting:
    • Some lectures may clash. Registration for section B courses will be necessary at the start of the 3rd year. Some pure options may clash with some applied options and statistics options. Some applied options may clash with some computer science options and some philosophy options. A draft list of 3rd year options will appear on the Mathematical Institute web-site soon.
  • It was noted that some problem sheets are corrected regularly without students being notified. It will be requested at the next JCCU meeting that the date of the last correction made is noted on the web-site.
  • It was noted that some section A courses have finished already, but no feedback forms were handed out. This matter will be raised at the next JCCU meeting.