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    Friday 30th April 2004


  • Yael Ukmar (President, Corpus), John Weir (Secretary, St. Johns), Emma Allum (Univ), Linda Harrison (St. Hilda's), Sarah Dixon (St. Hugh's), Alexander Strawbridge(St. Catz), Aman Singh (St. Anne's), Charlotte Griffin (New), Carlos Lastra-Anadon (Merton), Tom Foster (Oriel), Tyrone Rees (Mansfield), Patricia Farnan (Hertford)
  • Apologies for absence

  • Rajiv Tanna, Aman Dhaliwal, Sarah Berman.
  • Meeting held on 20th February 2004

  • The minutes were agreed to be a true record of the meeting.
  • There were no matters arising from the minutes.
  • Appointment of Representatives

  • MURC was contacted by Terry Boon (Secretary of MURC 1995-1997), who said that the position of 4th Year Rep was created when the 4-year course was new, to deal with problems arising from the introduction of the course. The course has been running for several, so it was put to the commitee that the position was now redundant. This was agreed unanimously, so henceforth there will be no such position.
  • There was a belief amongst some members of the committee that someone had shown an interest in undertaking the role of Computer Science Rep. It was agreed that this would be checked.
  • It was reported that Stephen Paines has been appointed as Open Day Co-ordinator.
  • MURC Standing Orders

  • An old copy (1999-2000) of the MURC Standing Orders has been found by Ms. Catherine Goodwin (Academic Administrator). At the time of the meeting, MURC was yet to receive a copy, but it will be sent to JCCU for discussion, as it needs some revision.
  • AOB

  • Charlotte Griffin was appointed as MURC rep for New College.
  • It was noted that some people do not know when their exams are, especially 3rd year finalists, and computer scientists. If this information is still not available by the next JCCU meeting then the matter will be raised at that meeting. It was suggested that if necessary, MURC could e-mail the Chairman of Examiners.
  • It was reported that no books have been stolen yet.
  • People have been enquiring about the 3rd-year syllabus and the teaching option. It was noted that draft synopses are available for the 3rd-year options, but that there is no information available for the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme.