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    Monday 31st January


  • Helene Neufeld
  • Katherine Leonard
  • Andrea Mendham
  • Anna Duncan
  • Hetal Makwana
  • Kenji Han
  • James Lancaster
  • James Holwell
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Apologies

  • Sarah Berman
  • Eleni Kanellopoulou
  • Adam Lindsay
  • Yael Ukmar
  • Nathanial Fenton
  • Where is everyone else? The secretary said she would chase up all those who were not present at the meeting, and would send an e-mail to the Senior Tutors at all the colleges that did not have a representative.
  • The constitution and roles within the Committee.

    The website

  • The forum is not being used much at all. Since it has been set up only about 4 messages have been posted up. The same is true of the chat room. We need to publicise these more, and may be set up topic or discussion rooms so people are more inclined to express their views.
  • At the moment you have to give in your email address when you create a profile in order to post a message, which means that theoretically the message could be traced to the owner. James Lancaster assured us that the only people who have access to this information are himself, the president and secretary. However he will look into another type of forum where you would me truly anonymous.
  • Security on the site is not very tight which means that anyone can post a message. It was suggested that we have a login page, for which you would need a herald account, which would mean only members of oxford university could use the website. One problem with this is that not all colleges have herald accounts, but these can be made when requested within two days, so should not cause much problem.
  • Difficulty getting into Institute after 5pm

  • Helene will bring this up with her meeting with Dr. Glenys Luke, the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Finances

  • Hetal is having his meeting with the ex-treasurer on Wednesday, when he will find out more about how much money we have. It was also noticed that there is no lock on the cupboard containing the books for the bookstall. There are also many books that are out of date and it was suggested that maybe college libraries would like to buy them.
  • JCCU Meeting Report


  • We need to publicise MURC and what we do more - this will be done primarily through college and college reps. They should make sure students know about their position.
  • The notice board (at the Institute) also needs updating.
  • Next MURC Meeting

  • This was provisionally set for Monday of 7th Week (28th February).