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    Monday 28th February


  • Helene Neufeld
  • Katherine Leonard
  • Sarah Berman
  • Ruth Everatt
  • Andrea Mendham
  • Anna Duncan
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Hetal Makwana
  • James Lancaster
  • Helen Beggs
  • Helen Turner
  • Kenji Han
  • Graham O'Connor
  • Daniel Wong
  • Apologies from

  • Adam Lindsay
  • Nathanial Fenton
  • James Holwell
  • Report from JCCU Meeting

  • Minutes from the last meeting were read out. Very late notice was given about the last JCCU meeting, and many people had not been informed about it and therefore were not present. We will make sure that people have more warning next time.
  • Many people had not been happy with the organisation of third year classes. It was suggested that we organised a questionnaire to go around asking students what they thought of the classes and how they could be improved, in particular whether they prefer longer classes of 90 minutes, or shorter classes more often. Sarah Dixon agreed to design a form.
  • It was mentioned in the JCCU meeting that some model answers were given out in some of the 3rd year classes, but not in others. In the sub-faculty meeting they suggested putting model solutions up on the web for two weeks at the end of the lecture course, but not for longer as they were worried that they next year would be able to gain access to the answers.
  • The Undergraduate admission scheme seems to be going well apart from a few glitches, and we were told that it was a "nice change"!
  • Difficulties about getting into the faculty after 5pm have been resolved, and the doors are now to be left open longer.
  • Lecture Questionnaires

  • It was noted that those who fill in the questionnaires are only those who attend the lectures. It was suggested that we should have a box downstairs in the Maths Institute, and blank forms for anyone to fill in, if they had attended only a few lectures of the course, or had missed the lecture where the forms were filled in, but still wanted to express their opinion. Sarah Dixon said that she would look into this.
  • Report from Sub-faculty meeting

  • A report was given, and the main matters are discussed above.
  • MURC Bookstall

  • A vote was taken to decide whether we would buy a new cabinet to store the books, and there were no votes against. Hetal Makwana is going to speak to the caretakers about buying a new cabinet, but at the moment he does not have authority to write cheques, although this is going to be sorted out soon!
  • The Invariant society has been very successful last year, as is likely to be even more so this year. We discussed whether a discount would be offered to members of the Invariant society as a way of raising awareness about MURC. At the moment books are bought for £1 less than half market price, and are sold for £1 more than half market price. We discussed several options, offering them 50p either side of half the market price, or buying and selling for half the market price. However it was pointed out that it may be a little unfair. It was suggested that the Invariants may be able to advertise the bookstall and MURC at the bottom of their newsletter. Helene will speak to the Invariant society further to see whether they agree to this.
  • Website

  • It is now possible for anonymous posting on the forum, however this facility has still not been used greatly yet! James Lancaster said in the last meeting that he would look into the possibility of restricting access to the forum and chat room to Herald account users only. This is not possible, but on speaking to Keith Gillow (IT person in Maths institute), he found out that he is trying to do a similar thing, and is looking into restricting access by a login page using the Maths Institute login name and password issued at the beginning of the first year. This is not yet possible, but should be so in a few months, so we may be able to implement it mid-next term.
  • Publicity

  • The MURC board is out of date and is going to be updated with the names of new representatives.
  • Open Days

  • Anna Duncan expressed her concern that she doesn't as yet know what her involvement at the open days would be. The dates have been confirmed and are up on the website, and Steve Paines said he would be willing to help out again this year, but did not want to do the 15 minute speech. It was suggested that we should wait to hear from the Maths Institute as to what they require for the open days.
  • Next JCCU Meeting

  • At the next JCCU meeting we will bring up the problems of:
    • Problem sheets not coinciding with lectures and being released too late for the tutorials.
    • Problems in the Computer Science practicals with material not being covered before the desdline.
    • Green electricity

    Next MURC Meeting

  • We agreed that this would be held in second week of Hilary term, and that biscuits would be provided!