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    Tuesday 24th May 2005


  • Helene Neufeld
  • Katherine Leonard
  • Anna Duncan
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Hetal Makwana
  • James Lancaster
  • Helen Beggs
  • Helen Turner
  • Adam Lindsay
  • Graham O'Connor
  • James Holwell
  • Apologies from

  • Eleni Kanellopoulou
  • Andrea Mendham
  • Sarah Berman
  • Ruth Everatt
  • Report from JCCU Meeting

  • The minutes were briefly read out and commented on. There were no issues to be discussed.
  • Speech for first years

  • The Mathematics Institute has asked for a couple of MURC representatives to speak to the first years during their first term in Michaelmas 2005. There will need to be two talks as there are two sets of lectures.
  • James Holwell volunteered to do a speech.
  • Second and Third Year Questionnaires

  • A draft for the questionnaire to be sent to all second and third years about the structure of classes during the third and fourth years was discussed.
  • There were no problems raised about the format of the questionnaire. It was deliberated over which would be the best way to distribute the questionnaires; by pigeon post in paper form, or via email.
  • It was pointed out that more people are likely to respond to a paper version rather than email. Helene will ask Dr. Luke whether the Mathematics Institute would be willing to distribute the questionnaires.
  • Subfaculty meeting on 23rd May 2005 at 11am

  • Helene reported back from the subfaculty meeting. In particular she mentioned:
    • The Mathematics Institute is trying to ensure that the exam question setters will be present during the whole of the examination.
    • This year there will be no pass list for Part A examinations.
    • There will be shared options with the Physics faculty. The Quantum Mechanics option will now be moved to Part B, and will be replaced by Electromagnetism for Part A. Physics students will be able to attend some lectures in the Mathematics Institute and Mathematics students will be able to attend some Physics lectures.
    • It was noted that students are ill-prepared for Matlab for the third year option B8 and teaching will be provided by the faculty.
    • It was pointed out that if you take Actuarial Statistics then you could not take any other statistic options.
    • The Undergraduate ambassador's scheme was a success this year and will be continued. As will the French class scheme.
    • 23% of females, but 40% of males gain first class degrees. The Mathematics Institute is going to investigate this discrepency.


  • James Lancaster will again try to sort out a sign-in screen for access to the forum.
  • Again there have been very few posts; 10 posts in eight or nine months, and most of these are MURC posts.
  • No one is using it. Ways to publicise the site were discussed.
  • It was mentioned that if we had some sort of incentive such as a joke or a problem corner, or maybe problem sheets, then more people would be likely to use it.
  • It was hoped that the new first years coming in Michaelmas would start to use the site much more.
  • Next MURC meeting

  • It was decided that unless any important issues arise, there will not be another meeting this term due to exams. The next meeting will be at the beginning of Michaelmas term 2005.