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    February 9th 2006


  • James Holwell
  • Hannah Clapham
  • Sonny Green
  • Linus Mattauch
  • Cara Morgan
  • Muting Wan
  • Jamie Fowler
  • Luke Burton
  • Tim Holden
  • Helen Turner
  • Helen Beggs
  • Graham O'Connor
  • Thomas Woolley
  • Apologies from

  • Helene Neufeld
  • James Powell
  • Ruth Everatt
  • Matters arising

  • Firstly it was brought up that the bookstall manager, Sonny Green didn't know how to use the service, the secretary said she would get in touch with last year's rep Hetal Makwana to find out.
  • The open day rep Annie Ma was not present and it was decided that we needed to get in contact with her and find out if she is available for the open day in April, when the open day rep must give a talk.
  • Everyone seemed to know what MURC was, and the idea of a MURC tea, organized by the MURC rep in every college seemed like a good one, so that all members of the college knew who their rep was.
  • JCCU Meeting

  • The minutes of the JCCU meeting were read out by James, a few points were raised
  • The 4/6 classes a term is continuing problem and it was noted those doing matjhs and stats had 4 and 6 classes this term and felt that meant a very uneven workload. It was also mentioned that the recommendation of when to book classes was often ignored, and didn't work too well.
  • People felt that the Part A geometry was often ignored, as you could ignore it and still answer enough questions.
  • With a new Part A option of Projective Geometry, intercollegiate classes were suggested, and it was checked that no option was to be deleted.
  • Points raised when discussing the proposed changes to the admissions process were, that the applications to colleges should stay, and that an interview in front of a panel would be scary. It was also noted that any change would not affect maths greatly as a similar system is already used.
  • The Questionnaires Rep mentioned the main points in the evaluation done.
  • It was agreed that a mailing list should be set up so that students can chose to get careers messages coming into the department. Also proposed was a page on the website where they could be posted. Internet Rep, Thomas Woolley said he would look into this.
  • 5. Next MURC meeting

  • Same day and time in 7th week