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    Monday 6th March 2006


  • James Holwell
  • Hannah Clapham
  • Matthew Cornford
  • Nathaniel Korda
  • Cara Morgan
  • Muting Wan
  • Yu Ma
  • Luke Burton
  • Holly Seals
  • Ruth Everatt
  • Tim Holden
  • Apologies from

  • Linus Mattauch
  • Graham O'Connor
  • Helen Turner
  • Helen Beggs
  • Helene Neufeld
  • Sarah Berman
  • Report from Faculty Meeting Monday 13th Feb 11am

  • James gave a brief report of the meeting:
    • Introduction of projective geometry as a Part A option,
    • Dr Neumann is to look again at Part A algebra and rings course following the questionnaires,
    • Part B class lists will be produced again next year

    Actions from last meeting

  • The MURC mailing list (for careers emails) is to be made over the Easter Vacation by the President and the Internet officer, and email will be sent out in 0th week next term for people to subscribe.
  • The Open day rep has been contacted and was present at the meeting. It was decided an email should be sent to Dr Luke to ensure she knows who to contact.
  • Subfaculty meeting on 23rd May 2005 at 11am

  • Ruth Everatt explained the problems she had experienced in contacting her class tutor and scheduling her 4th class for a subject that was meant to have taken place in 1st week this term, but didn't. She wanted to ensure this didn't happen again.
  • It was suggested that the classes should be scheduled by someone, but was decided that all class tutors just needed to be aware that they must find a time to schedule this class, by looking at the lecture time table. How to contact class tutors, and how to ensure this is will be done will be raised in the JCCU meeting next term.
  • AOB

  • Yu Ma, the Maths and Statistics Rep said that she had had complaints about a few things, one of which was overcrowding in the lecture theatre for the Optimization lecture. It was said that immediately she could contact the director of studies for Statistics, and she should email all the problems to the president or secretary to be raised at the next JCCU meeting
  • Next MURC meeting

  • The next meeting will be held in 2nd week next term.