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    Tuesday 27th February


  • Rosalind Freeman (Hertford, President)
  • Maria Molokova (LMH, Secretary)
  • Helen Beggs (Merton)
  • Gemma Farnworth (St John’s)
  • Michael Clements (St John’s)
  • Benedict Kamill (Brasenose)
  • Lu Gram (St Edmund Hall)
  • Joseph Mela (Balliol)
  • Linus Mattauch (St Hugh’s, Maths and Phil Rep)
  • Jacqueline Whitcombe (Wadham)
  • James Dean (Brasenose)
  • Claire Kirwin (Magdalen)
  • James Holwell (Exeter)
  • Muting Wan (St Hughs)
  • Anne-Marie Imafidon (Keble, Maths and Computer Science Rep, Internet Rep)
  • Matters Arising

  • It was discussed what should be done with the money made from MURC bookstall. Several ideas where raised, including spending it on publicity for MURC. It was decided that organising a social event in Michaelmas Term would be an appropriate way to spend the money, in order to raise awareness of MURC, in particular for new undergraduates.
  • JCCU and Faculty meetings were discussed. In response to a point raised at JCCU about reducing number of classes for Part C students, partially because this would prepare students more for a DPhil-type workload and independent learning, it was noted that many (perhaps the majority?) of Part C students were not interested in taking the DPhil after their 4th year.
  • It was brought up that the MURC bookstall is now working and the bank account is also in the process of being signed over to new committee. It was asked if anyone knew how the MURC bookstall website worked. No answers were put forward, but Michael Clements said he would contact Tom Woolley at St Johns to find this out.
  • The draft MURC constitution was presented and discussed at length, however, it was agreed that a separate committee/team would need to work on this further. The team will be Joseph Mela, Helen Beggs and Rosalind Freeman.
  • JCCU Meeting

  • It was noted that many students start to pack up their belongings towards the end of a lecture when lecturer is still speaking – this is very distracting for a lot of people. It was suggested that perhaps an email could be sent out to undergraduates regarding this issue, or maybe it can be raised by a lecturer at the start?
  • A query was raised about whether the Women's Finals Forum run by Dr Giovanna Scataglini-Belghitar was open to male as well as female students, as it was felt that this would be unfair otherwise. If this is the case, several asked for it to be made clearer that although the event is targeted more at women’s learning style, all students were nevertheless welcome.
  • It was raised at the previous JCCU meeting whether it would be possible to have all class lists displayed in the Maths Institute. The response to this was that it is not possible due to data protection reasons. However, it was mentioned that it would perhaps be possible for the class lists to work on the same basis as exam lists, i.e. where one can opt out of their name being displayed.
  • It was proposed that the B10b course on Financial Derivatives would be possibly better placed in Michaelmas Term, particularly because many people taking it are applying for jobs in the financial sector around this time, so having this course earlier in the year would be much more appropriate and useful for them.
  • Several people wanted to be able to comment about problem sheets as they go along through the term rather than waiting until the end of term. Also the idea of having "graduating" sheets was proposed i.e. easier question to start with and then getting harder.
  • Several people wanted clarification on when a student could decide whether to just take their BA while doing the Masters, as the wording from Faculty meeting minutes was slightly ambiguous.