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    Wednesday 24th October 2007


  • Rosalind Freeman
  • Maria Molokova
  • Andrei Vovk
  • Chiaro Brozzo
  • Michael Clements
  • Benedict Kamill
  • Linus Mattauch
  • Mihari Visaria
  • Gemma Farnworth
  • Timothy Chu
  • Chiara Brozzo
  • Matters Arising

  • Feedback from teaching Committee: nothing to report.
  • The new MURC constitution was discussed. A small error was pointed out, but except that the constitution was voted in.
  • Some points regarding the bookstall were raised. It was mentioned the bookstall should be further advertised. An email had been sent to undergraduates previously, but it was decided this should be done again at the start of next term. Additionally, it was suggested that a Facebook group could be created for the bookstall. The Treasurer said he would organise this. The question of how to spend MURC funds was again discussed. It was decided this should be left until a later date, when it is known exactly how much there is in the account.
  • Several points were mentioned by St Hugh’s rep. A point regarding Maths and Philosophy syllabus: Logic is taught throughout the course and despite this it was noted that Maths and Philosophy students often perform below others in this subject. Solutions raised included examining Logic for Maths & Phil in 2nd year. It was decided this was not likely to be possible, however was to be raised at the next JCCU meeting. Also it was mentioned that half-papers (for all courses) are often not well set, i.e. too many people get high marks, so those that get close to full marks are scaled down considerably. However, it was clarified that this was an issue the Department are aware of and already looking into.
  • A point was raised about the difficulty of organising classes. It was proposed that either blank class lists could be put up in the Maths Institute so that students could sign up themselves to the classes, knowing which would fit in with their timetable. Alternatively, students could be handed individual class lists with their own name on and sign up in this way. This is to be raised at the next JCCU meeting.
  • At the next MURC meeting the new committee will be voted in.
  • The next JCCU meeting is on Friday 26th October.