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    Monday 30th April


  • Rosalind Freeman (Hertford, President)
  • Maria Molokova (LMH, Secretary)
  • Andrei Vovk (Balliol, Treasurer)
  • Graham O'Connor (Trinity, Questionnaire Rep)
  • Anne-Marie Imafidon (Keble, Maths and Computer Science Rep, Internet Rep)
  • Helen Beggs (Merton)
  • Chiaro Brozzo (St Hilda’s)
  • Michael Clements (St John’s)
  • Benedict Kamill (Brasenose)
  • Edward Moores (Exeter)
  • Jacqueline Whitcombe (Wadham)
  • James Dean (Brasenose)
  • Claire Kirwin (Magdalen)
  • James Holwell (Exeter)
  • Yu Gao (St Hugh’s)
  • Matters Arising

  • The president reported back about the Faculty meeting. Points that were mentioned included the new format of JCCU meeting; that the new 2nd year Algebra syllabus is being discussed; progress with plans for new Maths Institute building. It was asked if more 1st year representatives could attend JCCU; Maple classes are moving to the Stats department but it will still run for all 1st years.
  • Several points that were raised in last MURC meeting were cleared up. First, regarding exit options for BA and MA: students can decide to keep their BA degree only right up to the point they take their first MA exam. However, this is still to be confirmed for definite at the next JCCU meeting.
  • Regarding the possibility of putting class lists up in the Institute, it was explained that due to data protection reasons this is still not possible, but all students should now be able to access the lists online via VPN.
  • Women’s Finals Forum: male students are welcome if they feel this would be beneficial to them, but it was maintained that this was primarily aimed at women in the department, especially to help deal with stress issues. The maths department are simply trying to combat under performance of women, which was an issue brought to them by the SU.
  • It was mentioned that the MURC constitution was nearly finished and would soon be sent round to MURC members for discussion/amendments.
  • JCCU Meeting

  • The following are issues that came up that are to be raised/clarified at the next JCCU meeting.
    • Points from the previous term:
      • It was proposed that the B10b course on Financial Derivatives would be possibly better placed in Michaelmas Term, particularly because many people taking it are applying for jobs in the financial sector around this time, so having this course earlier in the year would be much more appropriate and useful for them. They believe that B10a is not required for B10b.
      • Several people wanted to be able to comment about problem sheets as they go along through the term rather than waiting until the end of term. Also the idea of having "graduating" sheets was proposed i.e. easier question to start with and then getting harder.
      • Several people wanted clarification on when a student could decide whether to just take their BA while doing the Masters, as the wording from Faculty meeting minutes was slightly ambiguous.
    • New points raised:
      • Some suggestions about 3rd and 4th year consultation sessions: it was agreed that it would be useful if students could know in advance exactly which past papers would be discussed in which sessions, as there currently doesn’t seem to be any set rule for this. It was also felt it would be helpful to have some sessions that were scheduled for going over particular past papers (preferably held in the Mathematics Institute, as it is accessible for all students and as many would turn up to these sessions a lecture theatre would be required), as well as then having separate sessions where students could get help with specific questions. In addition it was requested if the consultation session on the previous year’s past paper could be around 4th week as this would then give students time to revise the work first.
      • Is it maybe possible to put up on the MURC website that lecturers are not able to hand out past paper solutions, as several students have been asking for these.