MURC: Mathematics Undergraduate Representative Committee

What Do the Committee Members Do?


Currently: Alexander Homer

The President (also known as the Chairperson) is the leader of the Committee and acts as a student representative at various faculty meetings, including the Joint Consultative Committee with Undergraduates (JCCU). They are responsible for raising any issues or queries from MURC members with the Mathematical Institute, chairing meetings of MURC and for the interpretation of the MURC Constitution.

In addition, the President may also organise meetings and events for MURC members to attend, and they oversee the work of the other members of the Executive Committee.


Currently: Koen Rijks

The Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day administration of MURC. They also attend and take minutes at all MURC and JCCU meetings, as well as organising and preparing agendas for MURC meetings, and updating the Constitution and Standing Orders if necessary. The Secretary also takes the place of the President if he or she is unavailable, and usually deals with most of MURC's correspondence.


Currently: Ryan Murphy

The Treasurer is in charge of the MURC finances, and is responsible for all book-keeping and monetary transactions. In particular, they manage the Bookstall, which is used by students to buy and sell course textbooks. This involves maintaining an up-to-date list of all books in stock and setting sale prices for each book on offer.

The Treasurer is also required to attend JCCU meetings each term.

IT Officer

Currently: William Juan

The IT Officer is in charge of maintaining the MURC web pages and updating them with minutes of meetings, lists of representatives and other information useful to members. They also manage the society's mailing lists as well as any other on-line resources associated with MURC.

Questionnaire Rep.

Currently: Michael Holloway

The Questionnaire Rep. attends JCCU meetings and also meets individually with the chair of JCCU each term to discuss the results of the feedback forms for each lecture course. They may also co-ordinate the improvement of the evaluation forms or oversee the development of new feedback methods.

Open Day Rep.

Currently: Benjamin Spells

The Open Day Rep. gives a presentation to prospective undergraduate students at the Maths Institute open days each year and is responsible for organising volunteer undergraduate students to talk to potential applicants during breaks between talks. They also attend JCCU meetings each term.

Publicity Officer

Currently: Benjamin Spells

The Publicity Officer's role is to raise awareness of MURC among undergraduate students. They give a short talk to new mathematics and joint schools students at their induction session in Michaelmas Term and help to promote the society and any events it holds.

Mathematics and Joint Schools, 1st and 4th Year Reps.

Currently: Alexnader Homer (M&S), Rosie Ryan Flinn (M&P), Perry Wang (1st yr), Rosie Ryan Flinn (4th yr)

These members act as contact points for students who fall into those particular categories and attend JCCU to raise any issues which affect their respective groups. The Statistics and Computer Science Reps. also attend UJCF meetings to represent their cohorts.