Oxford-Princeton Workshop

Mathematical Institute

University of Oxford


Monday 16 June-Friday 20 July, 2008


The meeting will run from Monday 16 to Friday 20 June. There will be a garden party to welcome everyone on the Monday afternoon, and talks will start on the Tuesday morning. The schedule is below. All talks are 40 minutes, except for Plenary Talks, which are one hour.


Tuesday 17 June

9.20 am                Alex Scott, Discrepancy in graphs and hypergraphs

10.00 am              Sergey Norin, K_t minors in large t-connected graphs

10.40 am              Coffee 

11.20 am              Jacob Fox, String graphs and incomparability graphs

12.00 pm              Svante Janson, Susceptibility of some random graphs

12.40 pm              Lunch 

3.30 pm                Lex Schrijver, Graph parameters (Plenary Talk)
4.30 pm                Tea

5.10 pm                Dominic Welsh, Two correlation problems about graphs

5.50 pm                Problem Session

7.30 pm                Dinner (Merton)

Wednesday 18 June

9.00 am                Bilyana Shoilekova, Decomposition and enumeration of planar graphs

9.40 am                Paul Dorbec, Paired-domination in graphs

10.20 am              Maria Chudnovsky, K_{2,t} minors in dense graphs

11.00 am              Coffee

2.00 pm                Carsten Thomassen, On the number of list-colorings (Plenary Talk)

                             No dinner arranged

Thursday 19 June

9.20 am                Atsushi Tateno, Mutually embeddable trees

10.00 am              Louigi Addario-Berry, Minimum-weight paths in complete graphs

10.40 am              Coffee

11.20 am              Melody Chan, Algebraic methods for list-colouring

12.00 pm             Oliver Riordan, Clique percolation

4.30 pm               Tea

5.10 pm               Sasha Fradkin, An approximate version of Hadwiger's conjecture for claw-free graphs

5.50 pm               Sasha Kostochka, The Erdos-Lovasz Tihany conjecture holds for quasi-line graphs

7.30 pm               Dinner (Merton)

riday 20 June

9.20 am              Colin McDiarmid, Random graphs from a minor-closed class

10.00 am            Christopher Dowden, Components in random planar graphs

10.40 am            Coffee

11.20am             Matt Devos, Eigenvalues of (3,6)-fullerines

12.00 pm            Blair Sullivan, Directed cycles in dense graphs

12.40 pm            Lunch

2.00pm               Boris Bukh, Set families with a forbidden subposet

2.40 pm              Paul Seymour, Perfect matchings in planar cubic graphs

3.20 pm              Tea

7.00 pm              Dinner (at a restaurant)