Confirmed Participants for Oxford SIAM Chapter Conference, April 25th

Prof. Michael BerryBristol University (Plenary speaker)Faculty
Dr. Christoph OrtnerUniversity of Oxford (Speaker)Post-doc
Rebecca ShipleyUniversity of Oxford (Speaker)Postgraduate (St. Hugh's College)
Dr. Chris FarmerSchlumberger (Speaker)Industry
Dr. Ian GriffithsUniversity of Oxford (Speaker)Post-doc
Dr. Margaret BeckUniversity of Surrey (Speaker)Post-doc
Mohammed AzizUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St. Anne's College)
Bubacarr BahUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Wolfson College)
Siobhan BurkeUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Worcester College)
Paul CarterUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Mansfied College)
Ornella CominettiUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St John's College)
Jacob CopelandUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (St. Edmund Hall)
Peter EcclesUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Merton College)
Peter FayleUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Magdalen College)
Leonardo FigueroaUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Worcester College)
Oliver GordonUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Exeter College)
Tristan Gray-DaviesUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Mansfield College)
Nick HaleUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St. Hugh's College)
Claire HazelwoodUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Magdalen College)
Eliana HetchereBourbakiIndustry
Dave HewettUniversity of Oxford (Organiser)Postgraduate (St. Catherine's College)
Ian HewittUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Trinity College)
Yilei HuUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St. Anne's College)
Thomas HuenUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (University College)
David KnezevicUniversity of Oxford (Organiser)Postgraduate (Balliol College)
Bernhard LangwallnerUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Queen's College)
Gawain MaUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Christ Church College)
Sarah McBurnieUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Corpus Christi College)
Christopher NowzohourUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Somerville College)
Dr. Sheehan OlverUniversity of OxfordPost-doc
Dr. Mason PorterUniversity of Oxford (Organiser)Faculty
Ricardo PachonUniversity of Oxford (Organiser)Postgraduate (Exeter College)
Dr Andreas PapadopoulosSchlumbergerIndustry
Ashley PitcherUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Balliol College)
Alex PrideauxUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St. Edmund Hall)
Paul RobertsUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (University College)
Agnese SalputraUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Keble College)
Margarita SatrakiUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Worcester College)
Henry ShumUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St. Catherine's College)
Dr. Thomas SchmelzerWinton CapitalIndustry
Victoria SoreUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Wadham College)
Tim SquiresUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Worcester College)
Andrew StewartUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Corpus Christi College)
Martin StollUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Balliol College)
Robert SworderUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Magdalen College)
Michele TaroniUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (St Anne's College)
Prof. Nick TrefethenUniversity of OxfordFaculty
Phil TrinhUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Balliol College)
Da-Lun TsengUniveristy of OxfordPostgraduate (University College)
Xiaoxiao WeiUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Lady Margaret Hall)
Basang TseringUniversity of OxfordPostgraduate (Queen's College)
Zhen WeiUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Lady Margaret Hall)
Thomas WooleyUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (St. John's College)
Poppy WyethUniversity of OxfordUndergraduate (Worcester College)
Xianmin XuPeking University (Visiting Oxford)Postgraduate