3rd Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference

Date: Tuesday 9th February 2010

Venue: St. Anne's College, Oxford

Participants at the 3rd Annual Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference

From 3rd Annual Oxford University SIAM Student Chapter Conference

The 3rd Annual SIAM Student Conference took place on 9th February 2010 at St. Anne's College, Oxford. The day consisted of a series talks from graduate students working in applied mathematics, as well as two plenary sessions and a poster competition.

Details of the 4th Annual Conference, to be held in February 2011, can be found here. Reports of the second annual conference, held in February 2009, can be found here, and the first Chapter conference, held in April 2008, here.

Conference Timetable

Thomas Woolley

1030-1050: Arrivals and registration

1050-1100: Welcome

1100-1200: Professor Ian Stewart, FRS (University of Warwick) -
"Josephson Junctions, Network Symmetries, and Projective Geometry"

1200-1230: Maria Roopa Thomas (Queen Mary University) -
"Bayesian decision procedures for dose escalation - a reanalysis"

1230-1300: Dave Hewett (University of Oxford) -
"Localising an impulsive acoustic source in an urban environment"

1300-1400: Lunch (provided) and poster session part 1

1400-1430: Chris Munro (University of Manchester) -
"A General Purpose Algorithm for Solving Polynomial Eigenproblems"

1430-1500: Matt Hennessy (University of Oxford) -
"Flow transitions in a differentially heated rotating channel of fluid"

1500-1530: Bubacarr Bah (University of Edinburgh) -
"Improved RIC Bounds for Gaussian Matrices, with applications in Compressed Sensing"

1530-1600: Coffee and poster session part 2

1600-1700: Professor Paul Bressloff (University of Oxford) -
"The Mathematics of Visual Hallucinations"

1900: Conference dinner


Ornella Cominetti - "DifFUZZY: A fuzzy spectral clustering algorithm for complex data sets"

Nike Dattani - "A generalisation of the concept of functions and functionals"

Leonardo Figueroa - TBC

Paul Moore - "Predicting mood using Gaussian processes"

Sevil Payvandi - "A Mathematical Model of Unsteady Blood Flow in a Curved Elastic Artery"

Susanne Pfeifer - "Statistical Methods for Estimating the Rate of De Novo Mutation at FGFR3 using High-Throughput Sequencing"

Trevor Wood - "Submarine Tracking With Random Finite Sets"

Thomas Woolley - "Asymmetric stable droplets in a fish patterning model"

Kit Yates - "From microscopic to macroscopic descriptions of cell migration on growing domains"

Congratulations to our prize winners -

First prize: Ornella Cominetti
Second prize: Sevil Payvandi

Who is the conference for?

Registration Table

The aim of the conference is to bring together undergradute and graduate students, young researchers and faculty from a wide range of disciplines, sharing a common interest in Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with one another, share their research/study interests, and make useful contacts both in the academic community and in industry.

No specific technical knowledge will be required - the level of the talks will be aimed at all those with a general applied mathematics background.

Conference Dinner

conference dinner

The day culminated in a conference dinner at St. Anne's.


Directions from Oxford Railway Station to St. Anne's College can be found here.

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