Nick Trefethen Video Lectures

Jason Nicholson's collection of Trefethen videos

Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice
(12 90-minute lectures, New York University, 2015)

Scientific Computing for DPhil Students
(24 50-minute lectures, University of Oxford, 2015-16)

One-hour lectures:

  • Eigenvalues and condition numbers of random quasimatrices (MIT Edelmanfest, 2023)
  • Applications of AAA rational approximation (Politechnico di Milano, Feb 2023)
  • Applications of AAA rational approximation (Erlangen, Feb 2023)
  • Introduction to Chebfun (Erlangen, Feb 2023)
  • Ten examples of AAA approximation (Manchester, May 2022)
  • Approximation on complex domains and Riemann surfaces (CAvid, November 2020)
  • Rational Functions (von Neumann Prize lecture) (SIAM, 2020)
  • Wilkinson, numerical analysis, and me (University of Manchester, May 2019)
  • Discrete or continuous? (Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, May 2018)
  • Ten things you should know about quadrature (Stanford University, May 2016)
  • Mathematics of the Faraday Cage (Banff Institute, January 2015)
  • Chebfun (SIAM Past-President's Address, July 2013)
  • Introduction to Chebfun (U. of Cambridge, July 2011 -- starts at 2:40)
  • Pseudospectra and EigTool (U. of Cambridge, March 2009)

    A personal item:

  • Mechanical greeting cards (23.5 minutes -- Christmas, 2020)

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