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I am a member of the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology (WCMB) and, as such, my research focuses on modelling biological systems mathematically in order to get a better insight into how specific phenomena occur.









Image of actual blebbing cell (bottom right image) from J. Y. Tinevez, U. Schulze, G. Salbreux, J. Roensch, J. F. Joanny, and E. Paluch. Role of cortical tension in bleb growth. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 106(44):18581–18586, 2009.


Currently, I am working on understanding muscle stem cell protrusions known as blebs. These blebs allow cells to move along muscle fibres and we want to understand the mechanisms by which this motion occurs.


I am also interested in biological pattern formation produced through coupling diffusion and chemical reactions together, a theory that has a rich history going back to Alan Turing in 1952.


When not doing mathematics I am a keen participant in mathematical outreach workshops and have given a variety of popular maths lectures.  I have also had the fortune of working for the BBC, illustrating Marcus du Sautoy's book, "The Number Mysteries",  and currently work on the popular maths show "Dara O'Briains school of hard sums".

Last updated May 2014