Christopher Beem

I am an associate professor in the mathematical physics group at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, where I am also a part of the string theory group. Additionally, I am a tutorial fellow in mathematics at St. John's College.

I am interested in mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and string theory. For the past few years, I have been particularly focused on conformal field theories and their algebraic properties, especially in the case of supersymmetric conformal field theories. I am a member of the Simons Collaboration on the Nonperturbative Bootstrap.

Recent and upcoming activities I am involved with/participating in

Advances in Quantum Field Theory (CERN, March 25 - April 5)
ICFT 2019 (Oxford, March 29 - 30)
Chiral Algebras for the 21st Century (UC Davis, April 15 - 19)
Beyond Rationality 2 (Woudschoten, May 16 - 17)
Pollica Summer Workshop (Pollica, June 3 - 21)
Defects in Topological and Conformal Field Theory (KCL, June 27 - 28)
String Math 2019 (Uppsala, July 1 - 5)
Strings 2019 (Brussels, July 9 - 13)



My papers on inSpire
My papers on arXiv


Winter 2021 Further Quantum Theory
Winter 2020 String Theory I Further Quantum Theory
Winter 2019 String Theory I Further Quantum Theory
Spring 2018 Special Relativity
Winter 2018 String Theory I
Fall 2017 Vertex Operator Algebras
Spring 2017 Special Relativity

Work with me

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Mathematical Institute
Andrew Wiles Building
University of Oxford
Office N1.08
phone: +44 1865 615112

St. John's College
University of Oxford
Office GQ4.10
phone: +44 1865 70824

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