The name Bridson  

  • Bridson is a Manx name. The Gaelic form is Mylvreeshey, contracted from the earlier forms Mael Brigde and Mac Giolla Brighde --- son of the servant of Brighid (Breeshey, Brid), the triple goddess of the Gaels absorbed into Christianity as Saint Brigid of Kildare (feast day 1 February). The first occurence of the name in Mann is on the fine cross carved by Gaut at Kirk Michael at the beginning of the 10th century. "Mael Brigde son of Athacan the Smith erected this cross" The standard anglicised form, Bridson, occurs frequently in the parish records of Malew from the early 1600s. One strand of the family is recorded by an English scribe as Breden in the manorial role of 1557 and Bryden in the manorial role of 1600 (which records that the family's rent on house 122 in Castletown increased from 8d to 10d in 1570). The manner in which the names of the tenants of Ballavarkish were recorded in the 17th century provides an insight into how the name mutated.