The Collaborative Workshop Initiative (CWI)


  • The CWI workshops alternate between Oxford and Princeton.

  • The principal aim of these three-day workshops are to exploit and develop synergistic links among the Complex Fluids Group at Princeton, Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and a span of other global universities and scientific disciplines. The objsective is to establish collaborative projects in the broad spectrum of overlapping research interests in theoretical applied mathematics and experimentation.

  • Publications generated from the CWI so far (click for links)

    [11] Capillary Imbibition into Converging Tubes: Beating Washburn’s Law and the Optimal Imbibition of Liquids
    J.-B. Gorce, I.J. Hewitt, and D. Vella
    Langmuir, 2016

    [10] An elastic plate on a thin viscous film
    P.H. Trinh, S.K. Wilson & H.A. Stone

    [9] Elastocapillary rise between swelling beams.
    D.P. Holmes, A. Pandey & S. Protière
    To be submitted to Extreme Mechanics Letters.

    [8] Curvature suppresses the Rayleigh-Taylor instability.
    P.H. Trinh, H. Kim, N. Hammoud, P.D. Howell, S.J. Chapman & H.A. Stone
    Phys. Fluids Lett. (to appear).

    [7] A pinned or free-floating plate on a thin viscous film. Part 1: A rigid plate.
    P.H. Trinh, S.K. Wilson & H.A. Stone
    J. Fluid Mech 760, 407.

    [6] Dynamics of Snapping Beams and Jumping Poppers
    A. Pandey, D.E. Moulton, D. Vella, & D.P. Holmes
    Eur. Phys. Lett. (to appear).

    [5] A fluid-mechanical model of elastocapillary coalescence
    K. Singh, J.R. Lister & D. Vella

    [4] The spreading of hydrosoluble surfactants on water
    M. Roché, Z. Li, I.M. Griffiths, A. Saint-Jalmes & H.A. Stone.
    Phys. Fluids, 25, 091108.

    [3] Gravity-driven thin-film flow on a flexible substrate
    P.D. Howell, J. Robinson & H.A. Stone.
    J. Fluid Mech, 732, 190-213

    [2] Interfacial deflection and jetting of a paramagnetic particle-laden fluid: theory and experiment
    S.S.H. Tsai & I.M. Griffiths (joint first authors), Z. Li, P. Kim & H.A. Stone.
    Soft Matter, 9, 8600.

    [1] An experimental and theoretical investigation of particle–wall impacts in a T-junction
    D. Vigolo & I.M. Griffiths (joint first authors), S. Radl & H.A. Stone.
    J. Fluid Mech., 727, 236.

    CWI group photo 2012.