Past One-Day Meetings

I started the annual One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics at UCL in 1999.  It ran there every year until 2005, after which it moved to Oxford.  Throughout its life, it has received wonderful support from the London Mathematical Society and the British Combinatorial Committee.

Here is a list of speakers and titles for past meetings.


Maya Stein (University of Chile), Antidirected trees in oriented graphs
Mathias Schacht (Hamburg), Canonical colourings in random graphs
János Pach (Rényi Institute, Hungary and IST Austria), Grasshoppers and linear algebra
Marthe Bonamy (Bordeaux), Separating edges with few paths
Mehtaab Sawhney (Cambridge/MIT), On perfectly friendly bisections of random graphs
Julian Sahasrabudhe (Cambridge), An exponential improvement for diagonal Ramsey


Gabor Lugosi (Barcelona), Root finding and broadcasting in recursive trees and dags
Gal Kronenberg (Oxford), Partitioning cubic graphs into isomorphic linear forests
Paul Balister (Oxford), Monotone cellular automata
Julia Wolf (Cambridge), Irregular triads in 3-uniform hypergraphs
David Wood (Monash), Universality in minor-closed graph classes


The regular One-Day Meeting was suspended for this period. However, in June 2021, there was a special Round the World Relay in Combinatorics, with 22 seminars from around the world.


Vida Dujmovic (Ottawa), Layered H-partitions with applications
Louis Esperet (Grenoble), Exact distance colouring in trees
Perla Sousi (Cambridge), Random walk on dynamical percolation
Remco van der Hofstad (Eindhoven), Hypercube percolation
Martin Grohe (Aachen), The combinatorial and descriptive complexity of identifying a graph


Benny Sudakov (Zurich), Rainbow structures, Latin squares & graph decompositions
Paul Wollan (Rome), A grid theorem for vertex minors and rankwidth
Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton), Coloring graphs with forbidden induced subgraphs
Kristina Vušković (Leeds), Clique cutsets beyond chordal graphs
Daniel Kral (University of Warwick), Graph limits and extremal combinatorics


Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford), Critical random graphs with i.i.d. random degrees having power-law tails
Bruce Reed (CNRS/McGill), The typical structure of graphs in a hereditary family
Daniela Kuhn (Birmingham), Approximately counting list H-colourings
David Wood (Monash), Improper relaxations of Hadwiger's Conjecture
Paul Seymour (Princeton), Rainbow paths


Mihyun Kang (Graz), Jigsaw percolation on random hypergraphs
János Pach (Budapest/Lausanne), Distinct distances: Quo vadis?
Leslie Goldberg (Oxford), Approximately counting list H-colourings
Gábor Tardos (Budapest), Extremal theory of ordered graphs
Penny Haxell (Waterloo), Matchings in tripartite hypergraphs


Amin Coja-Oghlan (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Random graph coloring
Louigi Addario-Berry (Montreal), Most trees are short and fat
Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton), Coloring square-free perfect graphs
Andrew Thomason (Cambridge), Quick and Easy containers
Paul Seymour (Princeton), Consecutive holes


Rob Morris (IMPA), Counting sparse H-free graphs
Angelika Steger (ETH Zurich), Ramsey theorems for random structures
Jacob Fox (MIT), Combinatorics of permutations
Jeff Kahn (Rutgers), A little more on "sparse random"
Gil Kalai (Jerusalem), Influence, thresholds, and noise sensitivity


Peter Keevash (QMUL), Dynamic concentration of the triangle-free process
Amin Coja-Oghlan (Frankfurt), Chasing the k-SAT threshold
Jean-Sébastien Sereni (CNRS), Questions (and answers) about fractional colourings
Penny Haxell (Waterloo), Morphing planar graph drawings
Ben Green (Cambridge), Counting sumsets and the clique number of random Cayley graphs, revisited


Jarik Nesetril (Prague), Subgraph statistics for sparse graphs
Benny Sudakov (UCLA), Induced matchings, arithmetic progressions and communication
Louigi Addario-Berry (Montreal), The spectrum of random lifts
Jacob Fox (MIT) , Two extensions of Ramsey's theorem
Béla Bollobás (Cambridge/Memphis), Bootstrap percolation in all dimensions


Leslie Goldberg (Liverpool), Estimating the partition function of the ferromagnetic Ising model on a regular matroid
Stéphan Thomassé (Montpellier), Applications of VC-dimension to graphs and hypergraphs
Francisco Santos (Cantabria), Counter-examples to the Hirsch conjecture
Maria Chudnovsky (Columbia), Vertex-disjoint paths in tournaments
Paul Seymour (Princeton), Colouring tournaments


Mark Jerrum (QMUL), The ferromagnetic Potts model: phase transition, gadgets and computational complexity
David Gamarnik (MIT), A combinatorial approach to the interpolation method and scaling limits in sparse random graphs
Benny Sudakov (UCLA), Ramsey numbers of graphs and hypergraphs
Günter M. Ziegler (Berlin), Some centrally-symmetric polytopes derived from perfect graphs
Adrian Bondy (Lyon/Paris), Switching Reconstruction


Penny Haxell (Waterloo), Packing and covering tetrahedra
Michael Drmota (Vienna), The degree distribution of random planar graphs
Mathias Schacht (Berlin), Regularity lemmas for (hyper)graphs
Kristina Vuskovic (Leeds), Structure of graph classes closed under taking induced subgraphs
Miklós Simonovits (Budapest)
, Stability methods, extremal graph theory, and some other applications


Michael Krivelevich (Tel Aviv), Avoider-Enforcer: the rules of the game
Andrew Thomason (Cambridge), Extremal graph theory with colours
Monique Laurent (CWI Amsterdam),
Real solving polynomial equations with semidefinite programming
Colin McDiarmid (Oxford),
Random graphs from a minor-closed class
Stefanie Gerke (Royal Holloway),
Sequences with changing dependencies


Nati Linial (Jerusalem), Combinatorial and computational applications of factorization norms
Graham Brightwell (LSE)
, Order-invariant poset processes
Jaroslav Nešetřil (Prague), Dualities for finite structures
Bruce Reed (McGill), (1,2)-colourings of graphs
Philippe Flajolet (INRIA), Boltzmann sampling and random generation of combinatorial structures


Bert Gerards (CWI Amsterdam), Towards a structure theory for matrices and matroids
Marc Noy (Univ. Politécnica de Catalunya), Counting labelled planar graphs
Peter Cameron (QMUL), Orbital chromatic roots
Angelika Steger (ETH Zürich), Extremal subgraphs of random graphs
Alan Frieze (Carnegie Mellon)
, Anti-Ramsey properties of random graphs


Stéphan Thomassé (Lyon), Dense triangle-free graphs are four chromatic
Jeffrey Steif (Chalmers), An application of analysis to theoretical computer science: Coin flipping protocols
Günter Ziegler (Berlin), Matrices, Gale diagrams, and polyhedral surfaces of high genus
Alexander Schrijver (Amsterdam)
, New code bounds from the Terwilliger algebra and semidefinite programming
Dominic Welsh (Oxford)
, Random graphs from planar and other addable families


Svante Janson (Uppsala), Random cuttings and records in random and deterministic trees
Oliver Riordan (Cambridge), The small giant component in scale-free random graphs
Penny Haxell (Waterloo), On a Ramsey problem
Boris Aronov (New York), The Crossing Lemma and its Applications
János Pach (New York/Budapest)
, The minimum number of directions determined by n points in 3-space


Imre Leader (Cambridge), Forbidden distances in the reals
Gregory Sorkin (IBM), Random MAX SAT, random MAX CUT, and their phase transitions
Michele Conforti (Padova)
, Coloring of matrices and integer polyhedra
Angelika Steger (Munich), Extremal random graph theory
Jaroslav Nešetřil (Prague)
, On Ramsey classes and homogeneous structures


Bill Jackson (Goldsmiths), The zero distribution of chromatic and flow polynomials of graphs
Jorge Ramirez Alfonsin (Paris), About a problem of McMullen on projective equivalences of polytopes
Imre Bárány (UCL/Budapest), A fractional Helly theorem for convex lattice sets
Marek Karpinski (Bonn), Approximating Bounded Degree Instances of NP-hard Problems
Zoltan Füredi (Illinois/Budapest), Superimposed codes


Reinhard Diestel (Hamburg), Path-width, tree-width, and beyond
Gábor Tardos (Budapest),
On roughly transitive amenable graphs and harmonic Dirichlet functions
Leslie Goldberg (Warwick)
, On the relative complexity of approximate counting problems
Jirí Matoušek (Prague)
, A combinatorial proof of Kneser's conjecture
Gil Kalai (Jerusalem), Fourier-Walsh Coefficients of Boolean Functions


Alan Sokal (NYU), Chromatic polynomials, Potts models and all that
Martin Dyer (Leeds), Counting graph homomorphisms (exactly and approximately)
Colin McDiarmid (Oxford), Graph imperfection
Miklos Laczkovich (Budapest)
, Configurations with rational angles
Hans-Jürgen Prömel (Berlin)
, On the structure of clique-free graphs


Dominic Welsh (Oxford), Counting Forests and Related Problems
Andrew Thomason (Cambridge), The Structure of Hereditary Graph Properties
Graham Brightwell (LSE), Algorithmic Aspects of Partially Ordered Sets
Mark Jerrum (Edinburgh), How (Not) to Sample Random Unlabelled Structures
János Pach (Math Institute Hungarian Acad Sci/Courant Institute), Crossing Numbers of Graphs