Jan Steinebrunner

I'm a 4th year PhD student in the Oxford Topology group and my advisor is Ulrike Tillmann.
I like thinking about bordism categories, embedding spaces, higher categories, TQFTs, and algebraic & topological K-theory.

Upcoming Talks:

Previous Talks:

  • On 8 June in the Oberseminar Topology in M√ľnster.
  • On 22 May in the SFB seminar in Regensburg.
  • On 28 April in the Algebraic Topology seminar in Warwick.



  • The classifying space of the one-dimensional bordism category and a cobordism model for TC of spaces (To appear in JTop) arXiv:2004.14902


  • Locally (co)Cartesian fibrations as realisation fibrations and the classifying space of cospans arXiv:1909.07133
  • The space of traces in symmetric monoidal infinity categories arXiv:1811.11654

Other Writing

How to contact me

  • Mathematical Institute

    Andrew Wiles Building,
    Woodstock Road,
    Oxford OX2 6GG,
    United Kingdom