Current students

Past students

  • Enoch Liu, Undergraduate summer project student 2017. Enoch was studying singularities of algebraic curves and knot theory.
  • Andriamahenina Ramanantoanina, Masters student (supervised jointly with Alberto Cazzaniga), 2017, AIMS-SA. Mahenina wrote a dissertation about lines on a cubic surface. He is now a Research Masters student at CEU, Budapest.
  • Rowan Schrecker, Masters dissertation student, 2016-2017, University of Oxford. Rowan wrote a dissertation about finite subgroups of SU(2) and SU(3) and their McKay quiver.
  • Andras Sandor, Masters student 2016, University of Oxford. Andras wrote a dissertation on toric geometry.
  • Adam Gyenge, unofficial PhD student 2013-2016, MTA Renyi Institute, Budapest (official first supervisor Andras Nemethi). Adam worked on Euler characteristics of Hilbert schemes of points on singular surfaces. He is now a postdoc at UBC.
  • Stephen Kadedesya, Masters student (supervised jointly with Alberto Cazzaniga), 2016, AIMS-SA. Stephen wrote a dissertation on finite subgroups of SU(2).
  • Heritiana Ravelomanantsoa Andriantsilavo, Masters student (supervised jointly with Alberto Cazzaniga), 2016, AIMS-SA. Heritiana wrote a dissertation on surfaces in projective space.
  • Joe Swinson, Masters student, 2015-2016, University of Oxford. Joe wrote a dissertation about uniformization and the moduli space of curves.
  • Tim Hosgood, undergraduate summer project student, summer 2015. Tim wrote a project on algebraic curves in weighted projective planes. Tim is currently PhD student at Universite d'Aix-Marseille.
  • Alberto Cazzaniga, PhD student 2011-2015, University of Oxford. Alberto wrote a thesis on sheaf counting on commutative and non-commutative threefolds. He is now a post-doc at Stellenbosch University.
  • Alan Thompson, PhD student 2007-2011, University of Oxford. He worked on K3 fibrations and their degenerations. Thesis title: Models for threefolds fibred in K3 surfaces of degree two. He is currently a postdoc at the University of Cambridge.
  • Ben Davison, PhD student 2007-2011, University of Oxford. He worked on brane tilings, orientation data in the theory of motivic DT invariants, as well as superpotential desctiptions of fundamental group algebras. Thesis title: Orientation data in motivic Donaldson-Thomas theory. He is currently Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.
  • Imran Qureshi, PhD student 2007-2011, University of Oxford. He worked on weighted homogeneous varieties. Thesis title: Families of polarized varieties in weighted flag varieties. Currently Assistant Professor at LUMS, Lahore.
  • Fjodor Gainullin, Undergraduate summer project student 2010, supported by a Nuffield Undergraduate Bursary. We studied 3-dimensional partitions. After having completed a PhD at Imperial, Fjodor now works in the financial sector.
  • Marius de Leeuw, Master student 2004-2005, Utrecht University. Thesis: Comparison between the SL(2,C) Hitchin system and an intermediate Jacobian fibration. Completed a PhD in physics in Utrecht. He is currently postdoc at the Niels Bohr Institute.
  • Martijn Kool, Master student 2004-2005, Utrecht University. Thesis: The McKay correspondence, derived categories and braid relations. After an Oxford DPhil, he is now a lecturer in Utrecht.
  • Anita Buckley, PhD student 1999-2003, University of Warwick (joint student with Miles Reid). Thesis: Orbifold Riemann-Roch for 3-folds and applications to Calabi-Yaus. She is currently Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana.