Yuuji Tanaka

Address: Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG

e-mail: tanaka (at) maths.ox.ac.uk

Research interests: (maths style) Gauge Theory, Geometric Analysis, Algebraic Geometry

  More specifically, my current research interests are around the Vafa-Witten equations and the Kapustin-Witten ones on four-manifolds. They originated in an attractive theory called N=4 super (!) Yang-Mills theory in (Theoretical) Particle Physics, or more broadly in Superstring Theory. I've reached these objects with huge surprise and excitement from mathematical studies in higher-dimensional gauge theories such as the Donaldson-Thomas invariants and Spin(7)-instantons. Now I'm working on these from both algebraic and analytic aspects.


(MathSciNet, zbMATH, arXiv)

Journal articles:



  Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory seminar, IST Austria, Vienna, April 2020.

  Minisymposium on Gauge Theory and Partial Differential Equations, part of the SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, La Quinta, CA, December 2019.

  Extra Algebraic Geometry seminar, Utrecht University, Utrecht, November 2019.

  Geometry and Mathematical Physics seminar, University of York, York, November 2019.

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Graduate workshop:

  British Isles Graduate Workshop III "Gauge theory with a view to higher dimensions", Jersey, 9-15 June 2019.

TCC course:

  Introduction to Gauge Theory, Taught Course Centre, Trinity 2019.

As of 15 July 2020