I'll keep a plan for the Wednesday revision classes for C8.3 Combinatorics here. This will be actively updated. Please send me requests for past paper questions and topics via email or the Teams channel. Don't forget Alex's classes on Mondays as well!

Week 2 (Wednesday at 11am): Chains, antichains and related results. Parts of 2017 Q1, 2018 Q1, 2019 Q1, 2020 Q3. (whiteboard)

Week 3 (Wednesday at 9am): VC dimension. Sheet 3 MFoCS question plus some more examples, 2017 Q3, parts of 2020 Q2 / 2019 Q2 / 2015 Q5 depending on audience. (whiteboard)

Week 4 (Wednesday at 2pm): Algebraic methods, intersecting families. 2017 Q2, 2020 Q1, 2014 Q3. (whiteboard)

Week 5 (Wednesday at 10am): More on intersecting families, Modular Frankl-Wilson (proof), Combinatorial Nullstellensatz. 2016 Q3, 2015 Q3, 2018 Q3. (whiteboard)

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