Alan Turing Institute -- Scoping Workshop

Topological Data Analysis

Oxford, September 10-11, 2015

Andrew Wiles Building OX2 6GG

Lecture Room 4

Linked and previous events in Oxford

The workshop is interlinked with the CMI-LMS Research School on Computational Algebraic Topology.

The scoping workshop was preceeded by the February workshop and the CAT 2015 conference.

Scientific Programme

The programme will begin with an "executive introduction" to Topological Data Analysis and include surveys of theory, applications and existing software packages as well as a diversity of research talks. We will conclude with a penal discussions.

Speakers will include Herbert Edelsbrunner, Michael Farber, Robert Ghrist, Michael Kerber, Ezra Miller, Konstantin Mischaikow, Vidit Nanda and Nina Otter.

Participants interested in contributing a short talk are invited to send title and abstract to


We will start at 11:00 am on Thursday, and finish before 18:00 on Friday.

For the schedule and abstracts please see here.

There will be a conference dinner on Thursday evening at the Cherwell Boathouse.


Please send an e-mail to with your name, affiliation, and whether you would like to stay for dinner (including any dietary restrictions). The deadline for registration is Tuesday 8 September.


For University accommodation in Oxford please see here. For other accommodation please see here.


The workshop is funded by the Alan Turing Institute.