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I am a University Lecturer in Mathematics (with the title of Professor) and a tutorial fellow of  St John's College . I was an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge and a graduate student here in Oxford, where I was a student of Roger Penrose. After two years at the University of Pittsburgh in the mid-70's, I returned to Oxford and have been here since, apart from sabbatical visits away.

Research interests

I am interested in differential geometry and applications of it to physics, in particular general relativity and twistor theory. In relativity, I have been working recently on isotropic cosmological singularities and I have other papers in preparation on the subject. In differential geometry, I have worked on Einstein-Weyl geometry and related topics (especially hyper-Kahler and hypercomplex geometries). I recently completed a project with a student Richard Harrison and a collaborator Irene Moroz on an analytical and numerical study of the Schrodinger-Newton equations, see math-ph/0208045 and math-ph/0208046 . I expect to be working on isotropic cosmological singularities again in the future. I am one of the organisers of a programme Global problems in mathematical relativity to take place at the Isaac Newton Institute in the second half of 2005. Details of my research interests can be obtained from my publications list.


I have jointly authored two books in the LMS Student Text series published by CUP. These are

 An Introduction to Twistor Theory

 An Introduction to General Relativity

23/9/03, Paul Tod.