Geometric methods in p-adic representation theory

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers who work in number theory or representation theory or non-archimedean analysis, with an eye towards recent developments in the p-adic representation theory of p-adic groups.

Among others, the themes of the workshop include:
  • applications to the p-adic local Langlands program,
  • constructing representations through the cohomology of Drinfeld coverings,
  • p-adic analogues of Beilinson-Bernstein localisation,
  • techniques from differential-graded categories.

Trinity College Dublin
July 29 - August 2, 2019

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Laurent Berger Andreas Bode Christophe Breuil
Pierre Colmez Matthew Emerton Elmar Große-Klönne
Christine Huyghe Jan Kohlhaase Arthur-César Le Bras
Ruochuan Liu Wiesława Nizioł Rachel Ollivier
Sascha Orlik Vytautas Paškūnas Andrea Pulita
Tobias Schmidt Benjamin Schraen Claus Sorensen
Matthias Strauch Simon Wadsley Gergely Zábrádi