Training in Scientific Computing for Oxford DPhils

On this page, I document the existing and potential new courses in scientific computing for Oxford DPhils and others (e.g. postdocs).

One purpose is to assist in coordinating the provision of such training to the new CDTs which are being planned currently. EPSRC has specifically highlighted the need for such training in the CDT Call document (see pages 8 and 9).

CDT leaders will be asked to comment on which of these offering may be of interest to their students, either for a full cohort as a compulsory topic, or to individual students as an optional topic. In almost all cases, lecturers are also very happy to provide all teaching materials if a CDT or dept wishes to deliver the course themselves.


Engineering Science

DTC (Doctoral Training Centre)

ARC (Advanced Research Computing)

Ideas for new courses

RRI and Impact

There are also discussions underway on developing joint courses on RRI (responsible research and innovation) and Impact and Innovation, since these are additional topics highlighted by EPSRC in the CDT Call document (see page 7). This is being led by Prof Charlotte Deane.