Course on CUDA Programming on NVIDIA GPUs, July 22--26, 2013

The course will be given again in Oxford in July 2014, almost certainly the week of July 21-25. We hope to confirm this and have the online registration / payment system set up by early May.

This is a 5-day hands-on course for students, postdocs, academics and others who want to learn how to develop applications to run on NVIDIA GPUs using the CUDA programming environment. All that will be assumed is some proficiency with C and basic C++ programming. No prior experience with parallel computing will be assumed.

The course consists of approximately 3 hours of lectures and 4 hours of practicals each day. The aim is that by the end of the course you will be able to write relatively simple programs and will be confident and able to continue learning through studying the examples provided by NVIDIA as part of their SDK (software development kit).

Costs for the course will be as follows: To encourage early registration, the costs will increase by 50% after July 4th.

This course is being run under several banners:


The course is being organised by OeRC but is being held in the Engineering Science department Thom building -- please come to the main entrance on the first floor (go up the external stairs to reach an elevated walkway linking several buildings) on Monday morning at 9:00.

Accommodation and food

Those attending the course must arrange their own accommodation. These three are within a few minutes walk, and are arranged in order of increasing cost: The location for the lectures and practicals is marked as A on this Google map. Little Clarendon Street, which is towards the left side of the map, has several restaurants for dinner, and there are two sandwich shops for lunch on either side of its junction with the road marked as the A4144. Towards the bottom of the map, the Lamb & Flag and The Eagle & Child are two popular pubs.

In addition, there is an Engineering Science common room nearby (turn left as you leave the Thom building and go straight ahead into the first building) which is open 9-2 and serves sandwiches, pizza and other snacks.


For the first three days we will follow this timetable: On the last two days we will switch to having both lectures in the morning, and then have practicals all afternoon. This will also allow those coming to Oxford from far away to leave when they wish on Friday afternoon.

Preliminary Reading

Please bring a printed copy of the NVIDIA CUDA C Programming Guide and have read chapters 1 and 2.

CUDA is an extension of C/C++, so if you are a little rusty with C/C++ you should refresh your memory of it.

This Herb Sutter article "Welcome to the Jungle" gives a stimulating overview of the current trends. It's a long article, but well worth reading the whole way through.

Additional References