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Thanks: Much of what is presented here would not have been possible without the spirit of open cooperation and publication being displayed by many others on the web. I am greatful to everyone who has put information on the web that I refer to, those whom I have been in contact with, and others whose material I have seen. Particular thanks should go to Phillip Tomlinson, Charles Gillow, Brother John-Paul Sanderson, Father Peter Morgan, Charles Sanderson, Bernard Gillow, Henry Sire, Gordon Wilkinson, Gary Rowles, Jan Wood and Terry Mitchell whose information has been particular useful in constructing my own Gillow Family tree.

Privacy: The purpose of the minimal information on members of the tree is to aid people in connecting themselves and their research to mine and so allow open collaboration in order that this general resource may continue to grow. Only the minimal data of name and birth date are typically given for living people to protect their privacy. Should an individual wish for complete privacy they should notify me and I will remove their entry entirely.

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