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Ian Griffiths

I am a Professor of Industrial Mathematics, Royal Society University Research Fellow and EPSRC College Fellow in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. I am a Tutorial Fellow in Industrial Mathematics at Mansfield College. I have a collaborative network with Howard Stone and the Complex Fluids Group at Princeton, and the Laboratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces at Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to my current position I was a postdoctoral research associate in the Complex Fluids Group, Princeton, and in OCCAM at Oxford. I completed my doctorate in Oxford in glass tube manufacture.

Our group

Postdoctoral researchers

Lucy Auton

is a postdoctoral researcher studying the removal of fluoride from water in India, in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur.

Ellen Luckins

is working on filtration and decontamination challenges. Her work is inspired by industrial challenges. Prior to her postdoctoral position, Ellen worked on a mini-project through InFoMM in collaboration with DEFRA on the clean-up of contaminant spills. Ellen is co-supervised by Chris Breward and Colin Please.

Tori Pereira

is a postdoctoral researcher working on challenges in filters, in collaboration with Smart Separations. You can read more about her research on her personal webpage here. You can watch her Division of Fluid Dynamics presentation here.

Doctoral researchers

Daniel Booth

is a doctoral researcher working in collaboration with the Laboratory of Fields, Flows, and Interfaces (LoFFI) to derive mathematical models to understand a new method that has been discovered for creating nanobubbles for medical applications. He is co-supervised by Peter Howell and in collaboration with Scott Tsai.

Arkady Wey

is an InFoMM CDT student who is working on the mathematics of filtration in collaboration with Gore. Prior to this he worked on the manufacture of glass fibres in collaboration with glass company Schott AG.

Oliver Whitehead

is an InFoMM CDT student who is working on liquid crystals in collaboration with materials company Merck.

Zechariah Lau

is a research scholar working on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. His work is in collaboration with the Welsh Government and Smart Separations who have developed a novel anti-viral coating that neutralizes coronavirus. The coating is used in a new air-purifier, Gino. Zechariah is working on a reduced model for virus transmission that allows for rapid predictions of safe occupancy times in rooms. The work is hoped to help as the world reopens. Zechariah is co-supervised by Katerina Kaouri.