Algebraic and Topological Methods in Non-Classical Logics III

This international conference will be held at

St Anne’s College
and the Mathematical Institute
(University of Oxford)
Oxford, England

5–9 August, 2007.

The conference is the third in the series Algebraic and Topological methods in Non-Classical Logics (TANCL). The first was held in 2003 in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the second in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain.


30 July 2007: We regret that no more bookings can be accepted for accommodation at St Anne's College. If you have reserved accommodation and will after all not be able to attend the conference, please email immediately.

A draft schedule of talks is now available for downloading.

The arrival information has been expanded and further information provided about the satellite workshops.

11 July 2007: Late registrations: We can still accept registrations. However we regret we cannot accept any further applications for financial support, since we have allocated all the available funding to those who registered by the deadline of 30 June. Accommodation at St Anne's College is still available, but due to heavy demand, no more bookings for rooms of the cheapest type can be accepted.

11 July 2007: Travel: Further information has now been added to this page.

18 June 2007: Revised arrangements for payment: please see Registration section.

Aims and Scope

The topics covered by TANCL'07 lie within a well-established and active area of mathematical logic. It is hoped to attract to the meeting established researchers and also postdoctoral and graduate students from the UK and overseas.

The objectives are

The programme will focus on three interconnecting mathematical themes central to the study of non-classical logics and their applications: algebraic, categorical, and topological methods. Three more specialized satellite workshops are planned.


We would like to thank the following organisations for their support.

London Mathematical SocietyBritish

Conference Organisation

Conference organisers:

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Key Dates

These dates are revised as of 25 April 2007: