Andreas Münch     ♦     Complex Materials

July 4-8, 2016, Oxford, UK:
European Summer School in Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Crime and Image Processing
(organised jointly with Jared Tanner, Barbara Wagner and Gitta Kutyniok with generous support through the ESSAM scheme of the European Mathematical Societ and from the Mathematical Insitute, Oxford)

April 5-8, 2016, Oxford, UK:
British Applied Mathematics Colloquium
The annual national British conference in Applied Mathematics
(Organising Committee: Chris Breward, Andreas Münch, Dominic Vella, Jon Chapman, Alain Goriely, Denisa Graham, Asha Hartland)

June 9-13, 2014, Taormina, Italy: Mathematical Modelling of Photovoltaic Devices
Minisymposium at the ECMI bi-annual conference 2014
(joint with Barbara Wagner)

July 23-27, 2012, Lund, Sweden: Study Group with Industry Highlights
Minisymposium at the ECMI bi-annual conference 2012
(joint with Stephen Wilson)

April 2, 2012, Oxford, UK: Organic Photovoltaics Workshop
(joint with Cameron Hall)