I am a Turing Research Fellow in Mathematics at Oxford. Until recently, I was a postdoc at Penn and a PhD candidate at Rutgers. Here is a brief CV, and here are my profile pages on MathOverflow, on Google scholar, and on LinkedIn.

In March 2017, I briefly described my research involving topology and data science at the Alan Turing Institute. Here is the video recording of that lecture (on YouTube).



The Alan Turing Institute
The British Library, 96 Euston Rd
London, UK NW1 2DB
Email: Oxford or Turing
Twitter: @viditnanda


I develop theories, algorithms and software for algebraic-topological analysis of large datasets which arise from simulations or measurements made in a variety of contexts. Here is a brief research statement (pdf alert), here are some papers, and here's the Perseus homology software.


I am not teaching this semester. For information on courses that I've taught previously, see the teaching page.