I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Oxford and a fellow of Pembroke College. I have worked at the IAS (as a Member), at the Turing (as one of its first Research Fellows), at Penn (as a Postdoc), and at Rutgers (as a PhD student). Here is a brief CV. I currently serve as associate editor for the AMS Notices, the journal Advances in Applied Mathematics, and the ACM Transactions on Probabilistic Machine Learning.



Mathematical Institute,
University of Oxford,
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter,
Woodstock Rd,
Oxford OX2 6GG, UK.

Office: S3.04, Andrew Wiles Building
Email: viditnanda at gmail.com
Twitter: @viditnanda


I work at the interface of algebraic topology, geometry and data science. Within the Maths Institute at Oxford, I am a member of the Data Science and Topology groups. For more details about my work, you could consult this research statement (pdf, circa 2018), read some of my papers, or download some software. For fewer details, consider watching this short video (on YouTube).


The lecture notes for my computational algebraic topology course at Oxford cover basic algebraic topology, persistent homology, discrete Morse theory and cellular sheaf theory. These form the basis of a youtube video series on Foundations of Topological Data Analysis, which is a joint project with Robert Ghrist.


I teach Computational Algebraic Topology every Hilary Term (Jan-Mar) at Oxford. For information on courses that I've taught previously, please see the teaching page.


02 Leon Lampret 2020-2021 (with P Skraba)
01 Barbara Mahler 2020-2021 (with P Skraba)


12 Alexander Tanaka 2022+ (with A Asaad)
11 Tommi Muller 2022+ (with F Kirwan)
10 Marc Fersztand 2021+ (with U Tillmann)
09 Otto Sumray 2020+ (with H Harrington and Xin Lu)
08 Emile Jacquard 2020+ (with U Tillmann)
07 Mario Lezcano Casado 2020-2021 (with R Hauser)
06 Alex Keros 2019-2023 (with K Subr)
05 Ka Man Yim 2019-2022 (with P Grindrod)
04 Uzu Lim 2019-2023 (with H Oberhauser)
03 Tadas Temcinas 2019-2023 (with G Reinert)
02 Naya Yerolemou 2018-2022 (with U Tillmann)
01 Oliver Vipond 2017-2021 (with U Tillmann)