The IMA Leslie Fox Prize is a prestigious international prize in numerical analysis, awarded based on a submitted paper and a lecture. The Prize was set up in 1985 to honour Professor Leslie Fox, who founded the Oxford University Computing Laboratory in 1957 and was the Professor of Numerical Analysis at Oxford from 1963 to 1983.

The Prize is financially underwritten by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and administered by the Board of the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis who appoint the Adjudicating Committee. The organization of each meeting from the call for entries, choice of date and venue, and the adjudication of the prize, is in the hands of the Adjudicating Committee.

The funding for the prize has been obtained by private donations but the interest from the prize fund, particularly with current rates, comes nowhere near covering the cost of the prizes, even though these are far lower than appropriate for such a significant honour. In view of the close relationship of the Prize to IMAJNA, the IMA has agreed to underwrite the Prize but it is still important for us to build the fund to a self-sustaining level.

Further donations to the Prize Fund are hereby solicited. Donations, with a completed IMA Leslie Fox Prize Donation Form, and related correspondence, should be sent to

The IMA Leslie Fox Prize Fund
c/o Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
16 Nelson Street
Southend-on Sea
Essex, SSI lEF.

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