A World Away, by Gerald McConkey  

On a gloam-wrapped lawn at the close of day
My mind runs to thoughts of you.
You once lay here and with a baby's sneer
Thrashed at life all new.
I would not hold you in that past,
Nor bind here today,
But with a father's fear I wish you near,
To sweep this gloom away.

On a winter's day, I remember,
We dared the cliff's fierce edge.
You gazed on a world where dreams unfurled
And offered me this pledge:
Beyond that wave is a life I crave,
Adventures to prize and rue,
But when I am there, what thoughts I can spare
Will always fly home to you.

From a distant street with a rum-fuelled beat
Your ripples reach me now.
Hand in hand, bejewelled by sand, 
You live as youth knows how.
I hope he loves you as he should,
That creature you take for play.
What dreams you dare, with never a care,
Sweet child a world away.

Copyright © 2009 asserted by Gerald McConkey

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