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The Plum Island Classic

The Plum Island Classic is a little known annual (American) football match dating back 20 years.

Roll waves

Rollwaves form from an instability which occurs when the Froude number in channel flow is large enough. Small scale versions can be seen in film flow after heavy rain. The files rollwave 1 to 4 were taken after a rainstorm at Craggaunowen, Co. Clare, in December 2003. The slope is less than 1 in 10, water depth about 5 mm, wavelength perhaps 60 cm, and period about 1 s. In rollwave 4, Stephen O'Brien's boots for scale.

Atmospheric gravity waves

Gravity waves in the atmosphere are the equivalent of surface waves in the ocean, and can commonly be seen in intermediate to high level clouds, as a series of rolls transverse to the wind direction. They are made visible because, as air rises, it cools, thus forming clouds. These pictures were taken in Lapland, October 2004.

Pounus and palsas

Pounus are peaty hummocks which form in the far north of Finland (i.e., Lapland). Palsas are larger mounds which form in flat-lying peat bogs. They (may) arise through an instability associated with differential frost heave, and afforced by a vegetative/moisture/radiative feedback.

Karthaus, Sud-Tirol

Karthaus is the scene of international summer schools on glaciology. Here are some views from the surroundings, and on the excursion, taken during the 2003 school.

The Balliol cod fishing trip, 2004

The Balliol cod fishing trip is an annual jaunt to the Isle of Wight to catch cod, occasional conger eel, and frequent dogfish. Here are some pictures from the 2004 expedition. Convening outside Balliol College at 4.30 a.m., we set to sea at 7.30 as the sun rises, catch the cod, and then repair to Balliol later that evening for a splendid dinner of cod and accompaniments.

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