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Full name: Boris Zilber  Affiliation: Mathematical Institute
      University of Oxford, and
      Merton College, Oxford
24-29 St Giles Phone: (+44)(0) 1865 273537
  Oxford, OX1 3LB Fax: (+44)(0) 1865 273583
  United Kingdom  email:


Graduate Courses

Elements of Geometric Stability Theory (pdf)


Zariski Geometries
  • Cambridge University Press, 2010
  • Zariski Geometries are abstract structures in which a suitable generalisation of Zariski topology makes sense. Algebraic varieties over an algebraically closed field and compact complex spaces in a natural language are examples of Zariski geometries. The main theorem by Hrushovski and the lecturer states that under certain non-degeneracy conditions a 1-dimensional Zariski geometry can be identified as an algebraic curve over an algebraically closed field. The proof of the theorem exhibits, as a matter of fact, a way to develop algebraic geometry from purely geometric abstract assumptions not involving any algebra at all. Recent works in model theory of complex manifolds, differential fields and non-commutative geometry point to exciting perspectives for the theory.

    B.Poizat for Russian readers: Cours de théorie des modèles


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