Computational Algebraic Topology


Lecture notes for all 8 Weeks can be found under the Lectures tab below. And you can also download a single PDF containing all eight chapters here.

The miniproject has been released to all the students currently enrolled in the course; please address all your queries about the miniproject to acadadmin@maths. Of course, you are welcome to get in touch with me by email or MS teams if you have general questions about the lecture notes or videos, or about the content of this course more broadly.

Finally, although this was the weirdest term of teaching for me (and perhaps the weirdest term of learning for you), I hope that you found the course material helpful and/or interesting. All the best for the miniproject and for your future studies!



Here is the latest version of the lecture notes in a single pdf. The weekly notes and videos are available below:

Week 1: Complexes notes and videos
Week 2: Homotopy notes and videos
Week 3: Homology notes and videos
Week 4: Sequences notes and videos
Week 5: Cohomology notes and videos
Week 6: Persistence notes and videos
Week 7: Sheaves notes and videos
Week 8: Gradients notes and videos

Hand-written lecture notes from 2020 are under the Antiques tab.


Problem Sheet One (covers Week 1 material).
Problem Sheet Two (covers Weeks 2 and 3).
Problem Sheet Three (covers Weeks 4 and 5).
Problem Sheet Four (covers Weeks 6 and 7).