Oxford, July 5-6, 2016

Organisers: J. Kirby, J. Koenigsmann, J. Pila

Invited speakers:

M. Bays
E. Bouscaren

Other speakers:

V. Aslanyan
T. Coleman
J. Derakhshan
P. Dittmann
A. Ruiz Guido
L. Shaheen

First talk: 11:00 on Tuesday 5 July. Meeting concludes at 12:30 on Wednesday 6 July.
All talks in L5 of the Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building.


Titles and abstracts

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Schedule below

SEEMOD, Oxford 5-6 July, 2016

All talks in L5


10:30-11:00:    COFFE/TEA

11:00-11:45     Alfonso Ruiz Guido     Zariski geometries and algebraic spaces
11:45-12:30     Lubna Shaheen            On F_1 geometry and model theory

12:30-14:00     LUNCH

14:00-15:00     Martin Bays                Pseudo-finite dimensional Schrodinger representations

15:00-15:30     COFFE/TEA

15:30-16:15     Philip Dittmann           Valuation theory of non-standard fields
16:15-17:00     Jamshid Derakhshan    Logic, zeta functions, and representations


09:30-10:15     Vahagn Aslanyan        Ax-Schanuel type theorems and geometry of strongly minimal sets in DCF_0
10:15-11:00     Thomas Coleman        Permutation monoids and MB-homogeneous structures

11:00-11:30     COFFEE/TEA

11:30-12:30     Elisabeth Bouscaren    Function-field Mordell-Lang and the model theory of finite rank groups

12:30               CLOSE