Ulrike Tillmann

Address: Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St Giles Street, Oxford OX1 3LB, UK
E-mail: tillmann_at_maths.ox.ac.uk
Phone: 44-1865-273572

For photos and research summaries see: For the topology research group see there: For the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation see there:


Preprints and recent publications


  • Slides for my talk at the AMS-Current Events Bulletin, New Orleans 2011
  • Slides for my talk at the Abel Conference in honor of J. Milnor, IMA 2012
  • Slides for my talk at the Stanford Symposium in honor of G. Carlsson, R. Cohen and I. Madsen, 2012
  • Slides for my talk at The Legacy of Daniel Quillen, MIT 2012




Research Students

Curriculum Vitae